EDU-LAW : Implementing Aruba WLANs

Course Discription

The lab-intensive “Implementing Aruba WLANs (IAW)” course is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and practical experience required to set up and configure a basic Aruba WLAN.

Using lecture and labs, the class provides the technical understanding and hands-on experience of configuring a single-controller, single AP Aruba WLAN. Students will practice using Aruba hardware and ArubaOS to install and build a complete, secure single-controller network with multiple SSIDs. Class time is divided with approximately 40% lecture and 60% labs. The course is based on ArubaOS 6.1

Until the end of June 2012, the successful conclusion of the course and in-class exam earns the participant the Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) status. From July 2012 the ACMA exam will need to be taken at a PearsonVue testing centre.

Intended Audience

Customers needing the basic knowledge and skills to implement a single controller Aruba WLAN.

Course Pre-requisites

Students are expected to come to the class with knowledge of Aruba’s products. A conceptual knowledge of VLANs and network data flow & control helps frame the specifics of Aruba’s network architecture. Students taking this class must complete the following self-paced online courses available to view at no charge on the Aruba Web Site.

  1. Aruba Architecture and Features

  2. Overview of Aruba OS GUI and CLI commands

  3. Mobility Controller initial setup and licensing using ArubaOS wizards

  4. Aruba Wireless LAN Configuration

  5. Use Visual RF Plan to determine your pre-deployment placement of APs

  6. Import Visual RF Plan to AirWave

  7. Overview of Aruba’s “ARM”, Adaptive Radio Management feature

  8. Use the integrated Spectrum Analyzer to monitor RF environment and device classification

  9. Provisioning Aruba thin APs using wizards and the GUI

  10. Implementing network firewalls through Aruba roles and policies

  11. Implementing various WLAN authentication policies including most secure 802.1x, and Enterprise WPA and WPA2 methods.

  12. Using WLAN policies to create a Secure Guest access with Aruba’s Captive Portal features

  13. Remote Access Point (RAP)

  14. Overview of Aruba Controller Operations and Maintenance procedures and commands

Note : In order to pass the ACMA exam, students must take the online course “Introduction to Aruba Technology (IAT)” prior to attending the class.