EDU-CPE: ClearPass Essentials :

Course Description :

The ClearPass training curated by Airowire Networks builds your foundation in Network Access Control by facilitating an intuitive understanding of the various modules offered by Aruba ClearPass.


This course walks you through ClearPass Policy Manager – A module that holds the policy processing engine that enforces access to users based on the configured profiles, policies and services; ClearPass Guest – A module that hosts a complete Guest access solution; ClearPass Onboard – A module that facilitates a seamless deployment of “BYOD – Bring Your Own Device” and ClearPass Onguard – A module that performs a detailed posture analysis of the user device before providing it access on the network.

Intended Audience :

  • Network Administrators and Network Security personnel who design and maintain Network Access Control for the network.
  • Network Administrators and Network Security personnel responsible for reporting and compliance of the Wired and Wireless network.
  • Network Administrators and Network Security personnel who need to deploy a BYOD solution for device provisioning/onboarding.

Course Prerequisites :

  • Basic knowledge of Wired and Wireless networking concepts, terminology and standards.
  • Experience in designing and deploying network solutions for the enterprise along with basic knowledge of RADIUS, AAA, LDAP and Active Directory.
Course Contents


Introduction to Aruba ClearPass


• Introduction to Security

An Overview of RADIUS, TACACS+
Overview of Certificates


• Setup and Installation


• Introduction to Network Access Devices (NAD)
Configuration of Aruba Devices (Instant, Wireless Controllers and AirWave)


• Overview of Policy Model
  • Configuration of a Policy Service


• ClearPass Policy Manager Roles
Role Assignments


• Need for Enforcement Policies
Enforcement Profiles
Enforcement Policies


• Need for Posture Checks
Posture Configurations
  • OnGuard


• EndPoint Profiler
 Profile Configuration


• Advanced Enforcement


• Building a Policy Service


• Integration with Active Directory (AD)


• Monitoring & Troubleshooting


• ClearPass Operations


• Admin Users


• Introduction to ClearPass Guest Application

 ClearPass Guest Manager


• Need for Weblogin Pages
Customising the Weblogin Page
  • Network Configuration


• Introduction to Guest Self-Registration
Configuration of Guest Self-Registration
  • Backend Processing


• Introduction to Onboard Application


• Onboard as Root Certificate Authority (CA) vs Intermediate CA
Certificate Configuration


• ClearPass Guest Configuration for Onboarding
Configuration for Onboarding
  • Onboard Client Experience
  • QuickConnect Application


• ClearPass Insight


• ClearPass Clustering