Aruba Dynamic Segmentation

Anybody with experience configuring Aruba Mobility Controllers would be aware of how powerful the inbuilt DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) capable stateful firewall is. In a wireless infrastructure, majority of the time, the access points are deployed in tunnel mode which means all client traffic is tunnel from the AP to the controller via GRE encapsulation. [...]

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How to disable MAC and IP encryption on Ruckus Virtual SmartZone High Scale (vSZ-H).

Are you attempting to use the client MAC address from the browser redirect URL in a custom workflow (hotspot/WISPr) on the Ruckus Virtual SmartZone infrastructure?   Do you notice that encrypted text is displayed instead of the client MAC address as seen below?   https://<captiveportal-server>/guest/ruckus_secuair_splash.php?nbiIP=10.xx.xx.xx&client_mac=ENC618c410c07b38a2423aa9bbc4f60e1132d0bf93f9f60a7d8 &reason=Un-Auth-Captive&wlanName=TEST&dn=host.domain.com&ssid=TEST&mac=84:18:3a:36:21:30&url=http:%2F%2Fgo.microsoft.com%2Ffwlink%2F%3FLinkID%3D219472%26clcid%3D0x409 &proxy=0&vlan=1&wlan=26&sip=host.domain.com&zoneName=PPrvD96nZGV3g4VcjuM26g_1492591016766&uip=ENC5e0ae99b6d5548edaf874ed5a9bc0b15&_browser=1   As a security measure, MAC-IP encryption is [...]

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Troubleshooting Aruba IAP not joining the Cluster.

Real Life Case Study Problem Statement: An Aruba IAP 205 not joining a cluster of 5   Aruba  IAP 103. Scenario 1 : This is a LAN only setup with no internet connection. 1.5 IAP were deployed in the L2 network having OS verion: Everything working fine. IAP 205 with OS: was [...]

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