RF Surveys and Audits

Our services collectively ensure that your network not only meets current demands but is also adaptable, resilient, and well-prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

Features and Benefits

Frequency Analysis

• Identification and analysis of frequency bands used in the network. 


• Assessment of spectrum utilization and potential interference. 

Signal Strength Mapping

• Mapping of signal strength across different areas of the network.


• Identification of areas with weak signals or signal dead zones. 

Site Surveys

• Physical surveys to assess the layout and environment’s impact on signal propagation.


• Identification of physical obstacles affecting signal quality. 

Post-Implementation Verification

• Verification of the effectiveness of implemented recommendations.

• Post-audit assessments to ensure sustained improvements. 

In-Depth Analysis of RF Spectrum

Through cutting-edge spectrum analysis tools, such as Ekahau for RF monitoring solutions, we illuminate the path to enhanced network reliability and minimized interference. Picture a landscape where frequency utilization is an art, ensuring a congestion-free and interference-resistant environment. Our signal strength analyses act as beacons, illuminating areas with weak signals and transforming dead zones into thriving connectivity hubs. Your network’s journey to unwavering reliability starts here.

In-Depth Analysis of RF Spectrum

Coverage, Interference and Signal Strength Analysis

We start with a complete coverage analysis to guarantee your network has a strong signal in all allowed areas. Site surveys and advanced propagation models help us assess signal strength in different locations, taking into account building structures and obstructions. We identify and fix network issues with interference analysis. We use sophisticated spectrum analysers to identify frequency zones with high noise and strategically eliminate interference. We adapt to network changes and aid with continuous monitoring. 

Coverage, Interference and Signal Strength Analysis

Assessment and Fine-Tuning

Our team thoroughly analyses network design to identify bottlenecks, security risks, and performance issues. Scalability is prioritised to respond to future expansion and technological changes. Channel planning to reduce interference, frequency allocation optimisation, and QoS techniques to prioritise key applications are part of fine-tuning. We view assessment and fine-tuning as an iterative and dynamic process that empowers your network to achieve optimal performance, robust security, and future adaptability.

Assessment and Fine-Tuning

WLAN Performance Optimization

We optimise WLANs for unmatched operating efficiency. Our holistic strategy improves WLAN infrastructure performance, reliability, and security. We start with thorough site surveys and propagation models to assess signal strength, coverage, and interference. Allocating frequencies, minimising interference, and channel bonding for maximum data throughput are crucial to channel planning. We provide safe, efficient, and future-ready wireless networks.

Documentation and Maintenance

Tailored Solutions Based on Data-Driven Insights

Tailored Solutions based on Data-Driven Insights are our specialty for your network infrastructure. We use data analysis to gain insights and create customised performance strategies. We thoroughly examine your network using data-driven methods to discover strengths, weaknesses, and possibilities. Our examination of signal strength, coverage, and interference allows us to personalise solutions to your network’s difficulties. We provide Tailored Solutions that meet your present demands and prepare your network for changing technological landscapes.

Documentation and Maintenance

Documentation and Maintenance are essential to our service offerings to keep your network infrastructure healthy and performing well. Our careful documentation includes reports on your network’s current state, challenges, and strategic recommendations. This detailed documentation aids reference, troubleshooting, and decision-making. As part of our maintenance services, we monitor and address new concerns proactively. To adapt to technology and business needs, assessments and updates are done often. Let us help you optimise your network for today and tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.


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