Irrespective of current set-up and existing practices, if the organisation is on a growth trajectory with intent of expanding to different locations or diversifying into other businesses, outsourcing the network management will not effectively save time and resources but also get the best solutions and practices of the industry, and often times with tailor-made policies and configurations.



Managed Services :

Whether you are looking for specific network products or full network support, we provide a comprehensive and flexible range of managed services. From managing the entire Network infrastructure or just specific elements, we can tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

Our Managed Services offering consists of the following segments:

  1. Remote Support 16×7
  2. Incident One-Time Support
  3. Resident Engineer
  4. Fully Managed Network

Benefits :

  • Gain peace of mind knowing you have access to a 16x7x365 responsive support that can pre-empt and resolve problems quickly and cost-effectively
  • Focus your IT team on delivering more projects as opposed to be heavily utilized for the day to day running and support of your systems
  • Get the right competence in the right place at the right time
  • Can be confident that network and business complexity is well managed
  • Reduce costs
  • By using our managed services for day to day operations (adds, moves and changes), you can focus on your organisations strategy, services and customers

Choosing the right network partner who not only responds positively to your business needs but also guides you in investing in the right tools and products that would maximise the organisation’s efficiency, cut costs, and deliver higher throughput.

  •  Airowire Networks is resplendent with workforce that is unrivalled in terms of skillset, knowledge, and the certifications corresponding to respective OEMs in catering business-specific needs.
  • With its low-attrition rate, our dedicated engineers comply to the best industry practices while upgrading and guiding the clients to get maximum efficiency from the network, eventually spurring the growth in reaching wider audience.
  •  The number of solutions that have helped over 50 clients – in pharma, retail, hospitality, finance, fintech-  is true testimony for our engineer’s experience and expertise, who have worked in real-time environments. 
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