Airowire Networks provides a simple and personalized user interface through which operational staff can quickly and securely manage visitor network access. It gives your non-technical staff controlled access to a dedicated visitor management user database. Through a customizable Web portal, your staff can easily create an account, reset a password, or set an expiry time for visitors. Access permissions to Guest functions are controlled through an operator profile that can be integrated with an LDAP server or Active Directory login.

Visitors can be registered at reception and provisioned with an individual guest account that defines their visitor profile and the duration of their visit. The visitor can be given a printed customized receipt with account details, or the receipt can be delivered wirelessly using the integrated SMS services.

Companies are also able to pre-generate custom scratch cards, each with a defined network access time, which can then be handed out in a corporate environment or sold in public access scenarios.

You can use the customization features to define settings that allow your visitors to self-provision their own guest accounts. Visitors register through a branded and customized Web portal, ensuring a streamlined and professional experience. Surveys can also be presented during the self-registration process and the data stored for later analysis and reporting, providing additional insight to your visitors and their network usage.

It integrates with all leading wireless and NAC solutions. This ensures that IT administrators have a standard integration with the network security framework, but gives operational staff the user interface they require.

Give your guest web site a professional look and feel.