Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA)

This certification validates you have the foundational networking knowledge and skills required to design, set up and configure a basic Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) utilizing the V8 operating system architecture and features.

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Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP)

The Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP) certification validates that you are proficient at building Mobile First Network solutions. This certification verifies you know how to design, implement and manage modern networks in the enterprise.

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Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate (ACCA)

The Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate v6.5 certification validates that you have the foundational knowledge of ClearPass Policy Manager and ClearPass guest. This certification validates that you know how to configure ClearPass as an authentication server

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Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional

Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional (ACCP)

The Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional (ACCP) certification validates that you can design and integrate networks that use ClearPass products. This certification validates your ability to configure ClearPass for policy and guest management.

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Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA)

The Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA) certification validates that you have the fundamental skills to configure and manage modern, open standards-based networking solutions for small-tomidsized businesses (SMBs) and campus networks.

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Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP)

The Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP) certification validates that you can implement and operate enterprise level Aruba campus switching solutions.

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