You need a network that is efficient, secure, scalble, flexible and available to provide safe access to the applications and information that your business is relies on.  Airowire Networks has an engineering team that has a proven expertise of designing, building and managing Enterprise scale networks.

At Airowire Networks, our team is trained and accredited to the high standards with all our manufacturers. This enables our technical team to deliver the complete solution, from the initial design and planning stage, all the way through to completion.



Why us ?
Most Systems Integrators (SI) in the industry today are just resellers of networking equipments. At Airowire Networks – besides having strong relationships with our OEM partners – we invest huge amount of time and money in training not just for OEM Certifications, but also industry standard certifications that gives us a broad understanding of the solutions we propose and implement. 

  • Consulting and Design
  • Migration from DC to Hybrid cloud, Private cloud, Public Cloud
  • Best practice design and preparation of the technology
  • Wireless Network site surveys and recommendations
  • Project planning, deployment strategy and on-going roll out

Network Systems Integration

Our authorised partnerships with all major OEMs enables us to Design, Implement and Integrate wholesome multi-vendor and multi-product large scale networks.

Core team of Airowire is made of experts from various OEMs.  Our unbiased approach towards problem soliving lets us come up with fresh perspectives, designs and solutions.


  • Designing Multi-vendor solution
  • Procurement
  • Implementation and rollout
  • End-End Project management

Network Audit and Recommendations

Our background stems from designing and supporting large scale Enterprise network infrastructures, and our team has an extensive experience of both wired and wireless networking. This enables us to ensure that any installation takes into account the underlying network which sometimes is often not considered. From this experience, we are able to provide independent or manufacturer specific, network audit services

Any audit can help you :

Quickly identify overspending or potential cost savings on your network.
Extending the life and use of your existing investments.
Enhancing application performance and staff productivity.
Proactive, preventative measures to combat security threats.
Designing a network that’s flexible and robust for future requirements.
Helping you plan for future, making the right investments at the right time.

Airowire Network Audits – what we offer :

We can recommend the right solution that combines the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver a robust, secure, scalable WLAN that reduce your total cost of ownership.

We take a holistic look at your network, assessing your network’s readiness for IP telephony or intense applications, to identify potential capacity issues or network limitations that may affect performance.
We provide targeted recommendations to secure your existing network and inform future security policy, network and bandwidth decisions for a fully productive environment.

We deliver a transparent Network Audit that can instantly uncover :

  • capacity bottlenecks
  • security weaknesses or vulnerabilities
  • obsolete devices and topologies that drain network capacity
  • overspending and potential cost savings.

Our aim is to optimise your existing investment and get your network geared for the future. The Network Audit service is the first step to helping you to achieve this.

Wireless Audits and RF Site Surveys

Whether designing a secure wireless network for BYOD in a corporate environment or deploying Wi-Fi in a high user density building, our engineers have the RF expertise, in-depth knowledge &  technical skillets to help you execute your vision.

  • Documentation of environment
  • RF Interference in the site
  • Current wireless coverage including diagrams, black spots and observations.
  • Wireless access points quantities and locations.
  • Equipment installed
  • Proposed Wireless Coverage.
  • Wireless Specification.
  • Equipment Cost, Deployment Cost, Support Cost.
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