Cloud Services

Secure Access Service edge

SASE combines network security and WAN capabilities into a single cloud-based service model. It enables organizations to provide secure access to their applications, data, and services from any location, without compromising on security. SASE leverages the power of cloud computing, AI, and ML to deliver a comprehensive security solution that protects against cyber threats, while providing seamless connectivity for remote workers and branch offices.

Zero Trust Network Access

ZTNA provides secure access to applications and data in a world where remote work is becoming the norm. It minimizes the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks by ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive information. ZTNA uses technologies such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, and micro-segmentation to provide secure access to applications and data, regardless of the user’s location or device.

Email Web Gateway

EWG is a security solution which protects organizations from email-based threats. It acts as a filter between the internet and the organization’s email system, scanning incoming and outgoing messages for malicious content, spam, and other unwanted messages. It provides encryption and data loss prevention capabilities to ensure that sensitive information is not leaked through email.

Email Security

Email security is a crucial aspect of modern communication. To ensure email security, it is essential to use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, encrypt emails, and avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments. Additionally, regular updates and patches to email clients and anti-virus software help prevent vulnerabilities.

Browser Isolation

Browser isolation separates web content from the user’s device to prevent attacks. It works by executing web code in a remote environment, isolating it from the user’s system. This approach helps to mitigate the risk of malware and phishing attacks, protecting sensitive data and systems from compromise. By isolating the browsing experience, organizations can reduce the attack surface and improve overall security posture. Browser isolation solutions are becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to enhance their security defenses against web-based threats.

Data Leak Protection

DLP refers to the measures taken to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. It involves implementing security protocols and technologies to safeguard confidential data from being exposed or stolen. Effective DLP strategies help organizations avoid costly data breaches, protect their reputation, and maintain the trust of their customers. Some common techniques used for data leak protection include encryption, access controls, monitoring and auditing, and employee training and awareness programs.

Secure Web Gateway

SWG provides secure access to the internet for users within an organization. It acts as a proxy between the user and the internet, filtering web traffic to prevent threats such as malware, phishing, and data exfiltration. SWGs also allow for granular control over web usage, enabling organizations to enforce policies around acceptable use and compliance.

Cloud Access Security Broker

CASB acts as a gatekeeper between the cloud service provider and the organization’s network, providing visibility and control over cloud usage. CASB offers a range of features, including user authentication, data encryption, and threat detection, to ensure that cloud environments are secure and compliant. Its ability to provide real-time monitoring and granular control over cloud usage makes it an invaluable asset for any organization looking to secure their cloud infrastructure.

Content Delivery Network

CDN is a system of distributed servers that deliver web content to users based on the geographic location. By caching content in multiple locations, CDNs improve website performance by reducing latency and decreasing the load on origin servers. CDNs provide additional security features, such as DDoS protection and SSL/TLS encryption.

Firewall as a Service

FWaaS, a cloud-based security solution that offers firewall protection to businesses. It is a cost-effective way to secure network traffic and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. With FWaaS, businesses easily manage their firewall policies and rules remotely, without the need for costly hardware or dedicated IT staff. This solution provides advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities, ensuring that businesses are protected against the latest cyber threats.

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