Team Lead/Shift Manager
Experience: 2-3 years
Network Engineer L1
Experience: 18 months
Network Engineer L2
Experience: 1.5 - 3 years
Network Engineer L3
Experience: 4 years & above


Network Engineer L1
Network Engineer L2
Senior Network Engineer
Resident Engineer


Chief Marketing Officer

Team Testimonials

“I have been with Airowire from the beginning, and we have witnessed tremendous growth from couple of SMB clients to catering multiple enterprises in everything networking. As I am doing what I like the most, this feels more like home rather than work. With our extraordinary culture like a family, we nurture young minds consistently to upgrade with latest technologies. With such a friendly environment, any concerns whatsoever are addressed immediately as we believe in happiness being the key ingredient in the growth. It is an extraordinary platform to grow and reach one’s milestones, so I highly recommend to any of my friends and family to be part of this wonderful journey.”

Sushanth Mascarenhas

“My experience in these past two years has been amazing as the team has helped me explore my skills from a fresher to a network engineer; technical writer and content creator. Airowire is more like a family, and the cooperation of the team is enormous in terms of understanding of not only work but also health and personal growth. There is always someone to guide you whether it is professional or personal, making it company’s priority of maintaining a healthy work/life balance.”

Shrinidhi Adhyapak

“No doubt this is one of the best places to work as I have been here nearly 2.5 years. With zero tolerance for non-ethical behavior, we work in a highly employee-friendly environment which is very helpful in adverse times such as these. We are always encouraged to learn newer technologies with the help of trainings from OEMs, and certifications are sponsored irrespective of the costs involved which is rare to see with other partners. One of my strongest reasons to work with Airowire is their approach to maintain work/life balance which is conducive & unique in growing professionally and personally.”

Bharath Kumar

“It's been almost two years, and it feels great to be part of Airowire family as I have held multiple roles with each of them bringing in unique sets of challenges while exposing me to a wide learning curve. The assistance and guidance have been unparalleled since I have interacted with every team member, allowing me to put forth my own sets of skills and candour to the work culture which in the long run is important for an individual to excel in his/her interests rather than pushing company's interests. The environment has been made so approachable that any concerns are heard and resolved at the earliest without compromising either on quality of work or life. I highly recommend anyone with desired skillset or even to develop them to be part of Airowire.”

Vijet Aiholli

“For a graduate out of college and be a Solution Engineer in little over three years, I have had a great time in learning the latest technologies from subject matter experts who are well-versed in technical aspects. It has been an incredible learning experience with exceptional guidance from teammates to complete certifications which has lead us to follow best-practice methodologies while deploying complicated systems with a clear-cut visibility of the requirements to deliver any project with ease. I have the freedom to imply my thoughts in whatever I do and I aspire to do which I feel is an important aspect for anyone to excel. The organisation gives the freedom to have a healthy work/life balance which makes me recommend this to any of my friends and family.”

Nishanth Krishnan
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