SD-WAN Configuration Through FortiManager

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SD-WAN provides business application steering, cost savings, and performance for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, as well as unified communication services. Unlike old WAN technology, SD-WAN is fully managed by centralized software applications creating virtual networks. Cost Savings is the primary factor. Main Functionality is load balancing: if one of the WAN links goes down the traffic would failover to the other active WAN links. If one of the WAN links has issues. Such as jitter packet loss or latency. The load balancer will automatically switch over to the best WAN link depending on the algorithm.

The first video showcases the SD-WAN introduction and the lab environment.

The second video showcases the SD-WAN configuration-health check server and interface members.

The third video showcases the SD-WAN configuration sd-templates, assigned devices.

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