Bypass Proxy for MDM Server in ClearPass

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In most of the networks, we have noticed that proxy server is inspecting all the web traffic of network. In order to get the updates from the ClearPass online server, we configure the proxy server on ClearPass.

However, after doing this the servers which are internal and comes before proxy server can’t be reached.

In this scenario, we can bypass the proxy server for certain endpoint context servers.


  1. Login to ClearPass Policy manager
  2. Go to Administration tab on the left menu
  3. Expand the External Servers
  4. Click on Endpoint Context Servers.
  5. You will see the list of servers added in it. Click on the server which you want to bypass from proxy.
  6. Check the box which says “Bypass Proxy” and click on “Update”.

Note- Below screen shot was taken from ClearPass version 6.6.2


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