Aruba UXI on Zebra Devices

Over the past few years, two of the industry leaders Aruba and Zebra have collaborated to bring out a very robust solution with their User Experience Insight on not just Aruba devices but also to support devices in multi-party environments.

This solution is tailor-made for organisations using Zebra Android devices (such as mobile computers, tablets etc.,) and Aruba wireless mobility.

With our experience in deploying wireless solutions for over 50 warehouses with Aruba mobility, we have noticed various device-specific issues due to the huge space in warehouses and the infrastructure being mostly wireless.

Now, with Aruba UXI, the above issues are addressed by with live monitoring of health and performance of the Zebra devices deployed in warehouses and retail outlets.

SpaceInfrastructure-level challenges in accessing the inventory. E.g., High racks up to 20m requiring similar connectivity throughout.Aruba UXI helps to locate the issues on the floor in achieving seamless connectivity.
MobilityRoaming due to constant hopping as 98% of the devices in warehouses are mobile.Clear visibility of the performance for all the devices on a granular level.
DevicesDifferent varieties of devices – tablets, RF guns, laptops, handheld printers etc.,Helps in understanding the health status of the device in terms of connectivity across the entire premises.
ApplicationsLoss of connectivity to application servers due to external (non-networking) factors.Gives clearcut visibility in understanding the connectivity to the exact application or services.

Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI)

Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) is a cloud-based application performance monitoring solution that validates network health and troubleshoots problems that affect day-to-day user experience.


  • Proactive user experience insights
  • Dynamic Packet Capture (PCAP)
  • Cloud-delivered updates
  • Vendor neutral
  • Third-party integrations
  • Identifies roaming issues

UXI Agent for Zebra

The Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) agent for Zebra compliments the hardware sensor and enables IT administrators and network operators to measure and troubleshoot the end-user experience by analysing the network performance from the perspective of Zebra android-based handsets.

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