611, 2016

Troubleshooting High latency over Wi-Fi: A case study

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We came across this situation at one of our customer sites. And we feel that sharing the experience might benefit several other who may be facing similar issues. Hence this blog. Problem Statement : User facing [...]

2810, 2016

Guest user Binding with MAC address.

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Guest user Binding with MAC address     Requirement : Only two MAC address to be bound to a Guest account and  the MAC addresses Specified during Guest Account Creation   Step 1: Duplicate the [...]

2410, 2016

Understanding redundancy for today’s networks

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With the evolution of the networking world and the designs associated with it, redundancy and high availability€™ are terms that are quite often thrown around. But what do they really mean?   We are going [...]

2210, 2016

Clearpass Redirection to different Onguard Installation page based on Endpoint Profiling.

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Clearpass Redirection to different page based on Endpoint Profiling.   The tips_endpoint_profiles table in the Clearpass database has the endpoint profiling information. If you want to check the attributes related to the user just paste [...]