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Sushanth Mascarenhas is a Senior Solution Architect at Airowire Networks . He is Aruba ACCX, ACMO,ACDP and ACEP Certified. He has designed solutions for Customers from multiple vertices around the Security Framework

SSL-VPN with Fortinet Firewall with Ping ID MFA and ClearPass OnGuard Health Check

Overview SSL-VPN with Multifactor Authentication that verifies that Legitimate user has connected to the network with Second Factor of Verification The Health Check of the End-Client makes sure that Only Compliant user are allowed onto the network The Setup Involves below components Fortinet Firewall as SSL-VPN Concentrator ClearPass Policy Manager and ClearPass OnGuard LDAP/AD Ping [...]

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SSL-VPN With Endpoint Posture Compliance Check in Fortinet VPN and Aruba ClearPass Environment

Introduction With the current pandemic situation most of the employees are working from home by using the VPN connections to their enterprise network. Since the employees are connecting over public network and using their personal devices, it poses a great security risk to respective enterprises. To mitigate this issue, we are integrating Fortinet VPN solution [...]

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ClearPass Integration with Fortinet Firewall for User Level Visibility

ClearPass Integration with Fortinet Firewall for User Level Visibility     ClearPass Integration with Fortinet through Radius Accounting (RSSO) would provide the User Data Flow Analysis from user Perspective instead of IP address or MAC Address   Workflow User connects to the Network, authenticating against ClearPass ClearPass sends the Radius accounting information to the Fortinet [...]

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ClearPass 6.7 Integration with Slack

Slack Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services. The name is an acronym for "Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge". ClearPass started integration of Cloud Indentity Services from the latest version 6.7 Below is the Explanation about integration of Slack with ClearPass Step 1: Create a app in Slack Developers [...]

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Onboarding the devices using the Google Credentials

Nowadays a lot of Companies have their Domains hosted in Google. Since Google does provides only API’s we would not be able to use these credentials on L2 Authentications like Dot1x   Here is a Workflow that shows how we can onboard a Client using Google Credentials and allow users  to connect to Secure SSID [...]

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Aruba ClearPass Guest Module : Guest User Captive Portal + Mac Caching

Requirement : Only two MAC address to be bound to a Guest account and the MAC addresses Specified during Guest Account Creation   Step 1: Duplicate the mac fields as shown below       Step 2 : Add both the fields in the page used to create the user     The create user [...]

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ClearPass redirection to different Onguard Installation page based on Endpoint Profiling.

Clearpass Redirection to different page based on Endpoint Profiling.   The tips_endpoint_profiles table in the Clearpass database has the endpoint profiling information. If you want to check the attributes related to the user just paste the html dump in the page. {dump var=$_endpoint export=html} Example: The below endpoint has been profiles using http agent.   [...]

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