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Akshay is a tenured networking professional. Prior to Airowire Networks, he worked with Cisco TAC - Lan Switching Team as an Escalation engineer and a SME on Catalyst Series Platforms.

Wave 2 Access points – 2 Most Common Deployment mistakes

In last 10 - 12 Months, I have come across several cases where the vendors are pushing their customers to go for Wave 2 capable Access Points. While Wave 2 offers higher density, better throughput and is future ready, there is some network readiness required for the the best deployment.   Here are the 2 common [...]

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The tale of Pre-standard POE. Cisco IP phones and Aironet Access points

Mondays are the days when we have to get a lot of things done ! So yesterday I was onsite and my task at hand was to provision couple of IP phones for a new bunch of people who had just moved in to our premises. I setup a new subnet and vlans for them [...]

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Curious case of DHCP Pool exhaustion on Cisco IOS

I am porting this old blog of mine from personal blog. It quite common to see a Cisco Switch or a Router being used as a DHCP server, generally in a small office or a remote branch office, where there is no need of a dedicated DHCP server. If you are managing one such network, [...]

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